Brics Property and Infrastructure Development Limited (BPID) is a PanAfrican Capital Holdings company. We are providers of real estate solutions, from development to management and brokerage. Our distinctive outlook comes from our persuasion to focus on the provision of lasting infrastructure to continually improve the environment.

At BPID, we see value-added opportunities across residential, commercial and retail developments, be it proprietary, private partnerships or
public-private partnerships.
BPID was birthed to play a leading role in catering to the gaping infrastructure deficits in the Nigerian economy, where against the global average of 70%, the total infrastructure stock is only 35% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The provision and management of this infrastructure, including housing, water supply, sewage plants, roads, cable networks, food supply facilities, schools, hospitals, airports, community meeting places, bridges, and railways, form the basis of our core businesses.

At BPID we help customers and investors in optimizing returns through efficient development, targeted marketing and effective management of infrastructure.

This has put us well on our way to becoming the best-in-class and preferred infrastructure organization, given our commitment to improving the quality of service delivery to our customers.

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    Mission & Vision Statement

    BPID is a one-stop shop for infrastructure development, marketing and management. Infrastructure Development

    Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    To generate and deliver maximum returns through efficient development, targeted marketing and effective management of infrastructure whilst operating a socially responsible business towards our stakeholders.

    Vision Statement

    Vision Statement

    To be the best-in-class and preferred infrastructure organization across Africa.

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